Verify Web Access

Objective: Verify that Web access is working properly from your Windows host


Use Web Browser

  1. Launch Google Chrome from the desktop and skip prompts to add bookmarks, pick a background, etc.
  2. When asked to sign in to Chrome, simply type in the address bar and press enter:

SWG Banner SWG Banner


If you are not presented with Google’s homepage, please stop here and ask a proctor for assistance.

Browse the web

  1. From your SSE client remote desktop, Take a few minutes to browse various websites
  2. Try browsing the web and ensure that it works (some sites/categories may be blocked already)
  3. Visit or You should see references to an IP Address from Skyhigh Security, McAfee or “Musarubra” which verifies that you are accessing the web through the Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway: SWG Source SWG Source

Inspect and verify the SSL configurtion

  1. Click on the closed lock icon at the left edge of the URL bar Lock Icon Lock Icon
  2. Click on the open icon next to “Certificate is valid” Valid Certificate Valid Certificate
  3. In the certificate screen that follows, click on the “Details” tab Certification Path Certification Path
  4. Inspect the details about the certificate chain and note that the certificate authority who signed the root certficate for this website is part of “” (the subdomain identifies your unique Skyhigh tenant). This is important as it enables HTTPS scanning for DLP, anti-malware, and other protections from threats that would otherwise be able to “hide” in SSL.
  5. Optional: Browse to on your local PC (not the remote desktop) and note the difference in certification path.