Inspect Your Database

Objective: Inspect your (fictional) Customer database

About the DLP Integrator Software

The DLP integrator server is a lightweight software component that index samples of your sensitive data using a one-way hashing method so that your data can be recognized by the Skyhigh Cloud without having the data itself (or anything that could be reversed into the data). To save time, your environment has a DLP integrator pre-configured with a fake customer database ready for indexing.



Perform the steps below from within the RDP or Guacamole session to your Lab Client

Connect to your DLP Integrator Server

  1. From the desktop of your lab client (via Remote Desktop or Guacamole), double click the icon for PuTTY (an SSH client)
  2. Within the PuTTY program, double click the entry for your DLP Integrator. SSE Client Putty SSE Client Putty
  3. Login to the DLP Integrator using the credentials page / tab that you have open from earlier. The username will most likely be entered automatically, but you will need to enter the password. Please take care to use proper case and not leave any extra characters if using cut and paste.

View the contents of your database

  1. At the command prompt enter the following to list your database file. cd /labfiles/edm-training-data ls -lah
  2. View the contents of your database file with the following command (you may wish to make the PuTTY window wider for easier viewing) more account_database.csv
  3. Note that the first row contains the name of each database column and the subsequent rows contain very sensitive payment data (that our bad actor is attempting to exfiltrate). Press the space bar to page through the file an use the ‘q’ key to exit.

Payment Database Payment Database