SWG Appliance with RBI

About Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

Remote Browser Isolation is a technology that allows users to view and interact with web pages without having any of the pages content actually delivered to the endpoint. This is accomplished by opening the page(s) in a remote, isolated browser and sending a picture of the rendered page back to the browser on your endpoint. The technology works in a way similar to the remote desktop technology you have been using to access your remote endpoint, except that it is all done seamlessly within the browser window.

RBI Architecture RBI Architecture

Extend on premise appliance with RBI

In this lab we will extend the capabilities of the on premise SWG with Remote Browser Isolation. RBI provides advanced client protection and prevents unknown threats from ever reaching endpoints. From your SWG Appliance you can forward web traffic via a secure channel to SSE-RBI and isolate web traffic for safe browsing.

In our use case will isolate web requests to uncategorized URL. This leverages the SSE “Risky Web Isolation” capability. Other use cases may isolate critical users or groups (e.g. finance department) or enable safe access to web sites using WebSocket. This leverages the SSE “Full Web Isolation” capability.

Skyhigh SWG with RBI Architecture

onPrem SWG with RBI Architecture onPrem SWG with RBI Architecture

Lab Objectives

  • Link your SWG Appliance with the Skyhigh Cloud tenant
  • Setup Next Hop to RBI (in SWG Cloud) for uncategorized URL
  • Test Isolation of uncategorized URL