Optional Tasks

If time permitting, you may want to further explore the cloud registry and service groups capability.

For example - have a look at these:

  1. Cloud Registry: filter on subcategory “HR – Employee benefits” and create a report comparing two services. E.g. compare “Merit Incentives” with a better alternative to justify why your HR Department should not use “Merit Incentives”. Tip: select the services to compare and choose “Compare Services” from the “Actions” tab
  2. Service Groups: create a service group to block all “HR” which are not “ISO” certified, or which have a “EU GDPR high risk”. Note that also services with a medium technical risk can have a high compliance risk. For validation, remember a service from the service group (e.g. https://educare.jp), apply the service group to an application block policy, access the selected service from your client.