Private Access

About Skyhigh Private Access (ZTNA)

Skyhigh Security Private Access uses a Zero Trust Network Access concepts to provision application access regardless of the user’s device or location. It may be tempting to think of Private Access as a VPN, but it’s more secure and application centric: instead of granting access to the network and accessing them as if they were local, applications are explicity defined and then access is provisioned automatically depending on the users mode of access.

Private Access Architecture Private Access Architecture

Because the Skyhigh Private Access leverages the Skyhigh SSE mesh, all of the same controls are available to use within Private Access policies:

  • Access Control - Define who can access what, under what conditions.
  • DLP - Apply DLP policies to prevent movement of sensitive data to or from the user.
  • Remote Browser - Rather than protect users from risky websites the Remote Browser is flipped around to protect applications from risky devices. Think of this like VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), but for web applications.

Lab Objectives

  • Provision an application for private access
  • Access the application using your remote desktop client