Test the Hybrid SWG

Test Appliance Policy in the Cloud

Next, we will validate, that web traffic is redirected from SCP and handled by your cloud tenant and that web filtering in the cloud is using your appliance policy.

  1. Use the Chrome browser on your Lab Client to visit https://whatismyipaddress.com/ or https://ipchicken.com/. You should see references to an IP Address from Skyhigh Security, McAfee or “Musarubra” which verifies that you are accessing the web through the Skyhigh Cloud Proxy:

SWG Source SWG Source

  1. Visit a site that’s blocked to see that the onPrem SWG block page is displayed e.g. https://888.com/

SWG Block Hybrid SWG Block Hybrid

  1. Note that the property “In the Cloud” is “true”

Test the Remote Browser Isolation

Next, we will validate, that insecure traffic from uncategorized URL is still isolated in the cloud tenant.

  1. On your Lab Client open a Browser (Google Chrome recommended)
  2. Visit an unverified page e.g. bytet.com
  3. Note that this request is handled by RBI

RBI hybrid RBI hybrid