Locate Gitlab in AWS

Objective: Locate your resources


Log in to your AWS account

  1. Visit your lab’s AWS Console
  2. When prompted to login using a root account or IAM user, select IAM user.
  3. Use the account ID, username, and password you collected at the beginning of the lab to login to your AWS console

Locate resources in AWS

  1. From the AWS console, change your region to US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1 (this is where your gitlab resource lives) Change AWS Region Change AWS Region
  2. From the Services menu at the top of the AWS console, select Compute and then EC2 Navigate EC2 Navigate EC2
  3. Under the Resources heading, click Instances (running)
  4. You will see two resources: - Your Gitlab Server (SSEGitLabServer) - this is the resource we will be accessing “internally” via SSE. - Your SSE Private Access PoP (SSEv2PoPServer)- This is what connects your internal environment(s) to the Skyhigh SSE mesh. AWS Resources AWS Resources

Collect the internal DNS name of your GitLab server

  1. In the Instances list, click the Instance ID next to your SSEGitLabServer entry.
  2. Record the Private IP DNS name for this machine - you will need it in an upcoming section
  3. Optional: In your remote desktop connection, visit http://your-gitlab-private-dns-name and verify that is presently inaccessible

Locate your SSE MicroPoP in the Skyhigh SSE console

  1. In your Skyhigh SSE console, click the configuration gear and select Secure App Connector
  2. You’ll see one healthy PoP instance, which is the “WorkshopPoP-A” EC2 Instance you just viewed in the AWS console. PoP Instances PoP Instances