Connect AWS to Skyhigh

Configuring Skyhigh For AWS

This hand-on lab includes access to your own dedicated Skyhigh Cloud and AWS tenants that you will use throughout the lab. We’ve generated as few randomized datasets as well as some (mock) sensitive data and stored these within your AWS accounts S3 buckets. We’ll be using these datasets throughout the lab to test the efficacy of various DLP strategies and policies.

Before we can scan AWS, however we need to connect your AWS account to Skyhigh. This is relatively straightfoward:

Section Objectives

  • Register for lab credentials
  • Login to Skyhigh Cloud
  • Login to AWS
  • Login to Skyhigh Client

You’ll need somewhat unrestricted Internet access for todays lab. If you are using a corporate machine with restrictive policies you may not be able to connect all of the resources needed in today’s lab. In that case we recommend using another device or Internet connection to complete the course.