If you need help...

How to get help

Click Chat Click Chat

At an in-person event

Please just raise your hand and a proctor will be by to help shortly.

At a virtual event

Please use the “raise hand” and chat features and a proctor will come to assist either through the main channel or through a breakout session depending on what is needed.

We will give you reasonable time to complete the labs. But if you still need more time in any of the sections:

  • When you have problems, please use the Chat / Q&A to ask your question.
  • Depending on the number of attendees we may will run polls during the labs to collect status from the students on how you are doing. You can go “Back to question” to change your status from “need more time” to “completed”. This helps us getting an accurate view on your progress. Poll Poll

After the event

You will have access to the environment on the same day after the event to complete and extend your labs. If you need help, please feel free to contact your Skyhigh or Altitude Program Partner. Alternatively, you can visit the Authors page link to the left and reach out to one of our workshop designers.

Lets get started with the fun!