Shadow IT - Data Protection

About Data Protection

Skyhigh Security’s Data Protection features help your organization keep senstive data private without hindering critical business processes. Our “define once, apply many” approach to data security allows our customers to define data policies once and then apply them to many types of scenarios including Sanctioned SaaS, IaaS, on the endpoint (via Trellix integration), and to The Web / shadow IT.


The scope of this hands-on lab is limited to DLP for Shadow IT services, but please be on the lookout for other workshops if you are interested in other way to apply DLP policies!

Lab Objectives

  1. Create a DLP policy for Payment Card Industry (PCI) information
  2. Apply the DLP policy to user’s web access
  3. Download sample data to your remote desktop
  4. Attempt to exfiltrate the sample data using personal email or file sharing service