SWG Cloud Native

About SWG Cloud

Throughout this workshop we have step by step extended the capabilities from SWG Appliance with advanced capablities such as RBI and CASB, which we provide on Skyhigh SSE Cloud. Also we have created a SWG hybrid deployment with policies managed from on premise appliance and have already leveraged the SWG Cloud component to navigate through the hybrid policy and to run web traffic through the RBI policy. We can now extend this deployment to the full potential of SWG Cloud leveraging the cloud based web policy. SWG Cloud provides a flexible policy engine which is capable to migrate almost all of your existing SWG Appliance policies with native integration into CASB for advanced application filtering, native integration to RBI and advanced data protection capabilites based on the same classifications used by other SSE platform components such as CASB for sanctioned services or Private Access. The SWG Cloud hybrid policy allows you to migrate your client user base step by step from the SWG Hybrid policy to a new SWG cloud policy. You can still maintain SWG Appliance for servers or special use cases demanding local authentication, FTP proxy, SOCKS proxy, for example and keep the secure channel connection from Appliance to cloud. Using SWG Cloud as the primary point of administration, you can now manage your dynamic filter lists in the cloud and synchronize to your SWG Appliance.

Extend SWG Hybrid to SWG Cloud

In this lab we will extend our deployment to use SWG Cloud policy for web filtering for one selected user. Through the SWG Hybrid Policy we will point the user of our windows lab client to run through the SWG Cloud policy. This policy by default blocks unwanted categories such as nudity.


You will learn more about Skyhigh SSE and SWG Cloud in our SSE Hands-On Workshop.

SWG Cloud Native Architecture SWG Cloud Native Architecture

Lab Objectives

  • Exclude the windows lab user from using the SWG Hybrid policy
  • Test web traffic blocked by SWG Cloud default policy

Bonus Objective

  • Create Application Control / Application Bocking using the Service Group configured earlier.