Create Policies

Objective: Create DLP policies using your custom data classifications

Now that you’ve created your custom data identifiers (based on Skyhigh templates), it’s time to create DLP policies simlar to those we created in the RegEx section.


Create a DLP policy for French Social Security Numbers

  1. Access your DLP policies grom the Policy heading, select DLP Policies and then DLP Policies.
  2. From the Action drop-down menu, select Create New Policy.
  3. Provide a name for the DLP policy such as “Skyhigh - French SSN” (hint: you want the name to describe that it’s the Skyhigh policy clone for French SSNs - so that we can find and use it later)
  4. Leave deployment type at API, do not select a Service Instance, and do not add a user filter.

Note that Lightning Link and Reverse Proxy deployment types are for *real time* enforcement of DLP policies when data is in motion to or from a sanctioned cloud service (as you would be defined in by clicking the **Select Service Instances** button. This is out of scope for this lab, but ask your instructor for more information if you would like see these in action.
  1. Click Next to continue

Set Rules for Your DLP Policy

  1. In the first IF statement, select Classification.
  2. In the side panel, under the custom category, select the classification you created for French Social Security Numbers
  3. Click Done to return to the policy rules.
  4. Click the THEN button directly under your first rules.
  5. Assign the Incedent Severity to Major
  6. Click Next to continue to the DLP Responses

Review Available Policy Responses

  1. At the bottom of your policy click the THEN button.
  2. Review the list of available responses but do not select any of them.
  3. After reviewing the list, click Cancel then Next

Review Your French SSN DLP Policy

Verify that your DLP policy does what you intend and click Save

Repeat the steps above to create DLP policies for Credit Card Number and UK Drivers License number classification

Don’t forget to use the cloned/edited Skyhigh templates you created in the previous section.