Apply a DLP Policy

Objective: Create and apply a DLP policy using built-in templates


Access your Web Policy Tree

  1. On your local machine (not the remote desktop), return to the Skyhigh Cloud browser tab (or log in again )
  2. From the top navigation bar, navigate to Policy > Web Policy > Policy Web Policy Navigation Web Policy Navigation

Create a new DLP policy from a template

  1. From the Web Policy tree, expand Data Protection (DLP) and select Web DLP
  2. Under the DLP Policies heading, click the + button Web DLP Navigation Web DLP Navigation
  3. Title the new policy “Block Credit Card Numbers” or something similar - Do NOT press the Edit button under Scope - we will apply this policy to all traffic - Click Next Create Web DLP Policy Create Web DLP Policy
  4. On the Rules page, click Select
  5. Expand Finance and Trade and select the box next to PCI. Feel free to explore the other classifications but please do not enable them at this point. When you are finished, click Done. Enable PCI Classification Enable PCI Classification
  6. Click THEN.
  7. Set the severity level to Major, check the box next to Block, and click OK
  8. Cick Next
  9. Review your policy ensuring it looks similar to the one below and click Save: PCI Policy Summary PCI Policy Summary

Publish your policy

  1. When prompted, select the option to publish your policy now.

In some cases, in our lab environment, the publishing of the Web Proxy Policy fails at this point showing an error that “Web Policy Publishing failed” and listing the name of the DLP policy. In this case please rename your DLP policy to have a different name and try again. E.g. call the DLP policy Block CCN instead of Block Credit Card Numbers, then try again to publish the policy. This issue is due to the specific setup in our lab environment and does not apply to production tenants of Skyhigh.