Welcome & Agenda

What to Expect What to Expect

Welcome to the Skyhigh SWG Hybrid Hands-On Lab! Today we’ll be rolling up our sleeves and learning the basics of how to extend SWG Appliance with advanced capabilities and integrate into a hybrid SWG deployment using your very own Skyhigh SWG, Skyhigh cloud tenant and Client System.

It is required that you have high level administration experience with Skyhigh SWG when attending this workshop.

Agenda (Approximately 2 hours):

  1. Welcome - What we’re doing now!
  2. Introduction to Skyhigh SWG deployment options - A high-level overview of the evolution path from on premise to the cloud.
  3. Hands-on Lab - You’ll use a live Skyhigh SWG and Skyhigh cloud tenant to isolate clients from risky web content, to secure web access in the cloud and to get visibility and manage risk on cloud applications.
  4. Free Time - You’ll have access to the lab materials (this page) forever. The Skyhigh and AWS tenants used in today’s lab will still be available to you directly after this workshop and will typically expire during the next day. If you need extended access, please contact your instructor.


  1. Hardware - We highly recommend that you attend this workshop using a computer with keyboard and mouse. Multiple monitors will come in handy but are not required.
  2. Software - We recommend the latest Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser for the best experience. You’ll also be connecting to a remote desktop using software that is built into both Windows and Mac.
  3. Internet Connectivity - If you are attending the workshop remotely, you’ll need to access various resources within our workshop environment. We recommend that you have outbound TCP port 3389 available so that you can access your SSE client, but it is also possible to access this using Guacamole (RDP over HTTPS) provided access to https://rdp.skyhighlabs.net is not restricted.