Login to your Lab Client

Objective: Login to your Lab Client via RDP


  1. Download the remote desktop configuration file or use the IP address to connect to your Lab client machine: Get RDP File Get RDP File
  2. Ensure your computer as a Microsoft Remote Desktop application installed (Windows: Remote Desktop Connection is built-in, Mac: Install Microsoft Remote Desktop from Mac App Store).
  3. Double Click on the SSEClient.rdp file that you downloaded or type in the IP address in the RDP application.
  4. Use the Windows client credentials you collected in the “Collect Credentials” section to authenticate (usename should be pre-populated, just enter the password). RDP Connection RDP Connection
  5. Give the machine a few moments to finish booting. Dismiss any windows or notifications (network connection, Teams login, etc.).

Keep this RDP session open, you’ll need it later!

Alternate way: connect via your browser

If you have issues with connecting directly via RDP (e.g. Port 3389 isn’t allowed on your machine) please click on “Show Guacamole details” on the credentials page: Show Guacamole Show Guacamole

Please click on the link shown and login with the provided credentials: Guacamole Credentials Guacamole Credentials

Login and you are ready to use your Lab client via your browser: Login Guacamole Login Guacamole

If using Guacamole to connect, leave this tab open as you’ll need it later!