Test the Scan

Objective: Put your DLP policies to the test

As we have done before, lets run your new scan and analyze the results.


Start your On-Demand Scan

  1. From the main menu bar, select Policy then On-Demand Scan
  2. Click the (…) symbol to the right of the scan you created, and select Start
  3. When asked about scan estimation, click Run Anyway followed by Start.

Take a Quick Break

Your DLP scan will typically take between 3-5 minutes to complete. Take a moment to strech or grab a coffee - you’ll have your scan results shortly!

Examine the results

  1. When your scan reaches the Completed status, note the difference between the number of incidents betwee this scan and the one with only regular expressions.
  2. What do you notice about the number of incidents caught by the EDM-based policy compared to regular expressions and even mroe complex Skyhigh Classifications?
  3. Click on the number in the Last Scan Incidents column for your recently run scan and analyze the incident(s) you find there.

Contratulations, you’ve found the needle in the haystack!