Create a Scan

Objective: Create an On-Demand DLP Scan

Now it’s time to apply your new set of policies to the S3 buckets in your AWS account using an On-Demand Scan similar to the way we did it with regular expressions.


Create a Scan

  1. From the main menu bar, select Policy then On-Demand Scan DLP Policy List DLP Policy List
  2. Using the Actions drop-down menu, select Create a Scan
  3. From the General Info screen, select the DLP & Malware scan type.
  4. Provide a name for the scan, such as “Skyhigh DLP Scan”.
  5. Under the Service Instance dropdown, select the AWS account you configured earlier.
  6. For Service Type select Storage (S3)
  7. For Hosted select Cloud (via API)
  8. Click Next

Add all your cloned/customized policies to the scan

  1. From the Select Policies page, select all three DLP policies you created earlier.
  2. Click Next

Configure the Scan

  1. From Data Scope section select the Full option and All dates
  2. In the Buckets section, select the Exclude CloudTrail Buckets option (if available) and set Buckets to Scan to All Buckets
  3. In the Accounts section, set Accounts to Scan to All Accounts
  4. Click Next

(Don’t) Schedule the Scan

  1. Since we are in a lab environment and want to run this scan manually set the Frequency to None (On-Demand Only)
  2. Click Next

Review Your Scan Settings

Ensure that your scan settings are what you intend and click Save