Configure Activity Control


Access the Activity Control ruleset

  1. On your local machine (not the remote desktop), return to the Skyhigh Cloud browser tab (or log in again )
  2. From the top navigation bar, navigate to Policy > Web Policy > Policy and select Application Control and then Activity Control: Activity Control ruleset Activity Control ruleset

Add the Service Group to the ruleset and configure it

  1. Click the + or the Add Service Groups button at the Service Groups section and add the Service Group you created previously Add Service Group Add Service Group
  2. After that click the Select Activities to Block link and select Upload and click OK Select Activities Select Activities
  3. Enable the rule Enable Acvitity Control Enable Acvitity Control
  4. Publish the changes Publish Publish

If you see an error message similar to this picture, then please reload your browser window / press F5 or reload the page. The try again. Publish Publish