Fingerprint Your Database

Objective: Create and Verify Fingerprints From Your Database



Perform the steps below from the Skyhigh Dashboard tab in your browser (not in the remote desktop / Guacamole session)

Configure Fingerprint Settings

  1. From the main (top) menu bar of the Skyhigh Dashboard, select Policy > DLP Policies > Fingerprints
  2. From the dropdown menu, under the Structured Fingerprint heading, select Create Enhanced Fingerprint Create Enhanced Fingerprint Create Enhanced Fingerprint
  3. On the settings page for the Enhanced Structured Fingerprint provide the following values:

Fingerprint Name: Customer Payment Database

Source File: file:///labfiles/edm-training-data/account_database.csv

Location to store generated hashes: file:///labfiles/edm-training-data

Column Separator: Comma

  1. Click Save

Generate the Fingerprint Index

  1. You should now see the fingerprint you just created in a table.
  2. At the right-hand side of the table entry, click Generate Index
  3. After a few moments, the screen will update to indicate that the indexing is complete.
  4. Verify that the number of items and columns indexed are approximately 1000 and 7, respectively.