Configure Browser Isolation

Objective: Test the RBI policy


Use to your real (non-remote) desktop for the following sections

Login to your Skyhigh cloud tenant

  • Return to the Skyhigh Cloud browser tab (or log in again )

Access your Web Policy Tree

  1. On your local machine (not the remote desktop), return to the Skyhigh Cloud browser tab (or log in again )
  2. From the top navigation bar, navigate to Policy > Web Policy > Policy Web Policy Navigation Web Policy Navigation

Configure Browser Isolation

  1. From the Web Policy tree on the left, navigate to Browser Isolation > Full Isolation
  2. Ensure that the feature is set to On (green)
  3. Under the Always Isolate heading, toggle the setting from All traffic to Items in these lists
  4. Next to the Domains (Smart Match) item in the list, click the three dots and select Edit List Edit Isolate Smartlist Edit Isolate Smartlist
  5. A list will expand from the right side of the screen. Use the action button to add a new item to the list.
  6. Enter in the Smart Match field for the new entry. Add pastebin Add pastebin
  7. Click Save
  8. Under the Isolated Clipboard Control heading, block pasting from the local machine by checking the box Block paste from local machine Block paste from local machine
  9. Review the other setting available to you, such are blocking uploads or downloads, and creating exceptions.

Apply your Web Policy

A yellow shield will appear at the top of your screen and prompt you to Publish or Discard your changes. Publish your changes. Publish Changes Publish Changes