Hybrid SWG

About SWG Appliance Hybrid Deployment

SWG Appliance Hybrid supports your migration to the cloud with a hybrid approach that combines the strength of the Skyhigh SWG Appliance with the flexibility to connect remote workers directly to the cloud proxy. This use case eliminates the need to route regular web traffic for off-net users via the on premise SWG Appliance, improving user experience and reducing networking / VPN cost, while maintaining the same level of functionality and security at the cloud proxy.

Hybrid Deployment Hybrid Deployment


Notice the small cloud icon next to the policies in the Rule Set tree - this indicates that a rule set is also enabled in the cloud.

Extend SWG Appliance to SWG Hybrid

In this lab we will extend the on premise SWG Appliance into a SWG Appliance Hybrid deployment. In this deployment model the SWG Appliance remains the central administration point and policies are transparently synchronized to the cloud. Clients equipped with Skyhigh Client Proxy (SCP) can redirect their web traffic to SWG Cloud while off-net and still use SWG Appliance while on-net.

In our use case we will reconfigure the SCP client to redirect web traffic to the SSE Cloud tenant and leverage the synchronized SWG Appliance policy. Uncategorized sites will continue to use the RBI capability for traffic isolation.

Hybrid Architecture Hybrid Architecture

Lab Objectives

  • Change SWG Appliance policy “Enable in Cloud”
  • Synchronize policy from SWG Appliance to SWG Cloud
  • Redirect client traffic to your cloud tenant
  • Test web filter executed in SWG Cloud